X Ways to Improve the Break Room

Creating a positive and vibrant work culture is one of the best ways to keep employees happy. Work should not just be about work all of the time. The break room at an office or place of business is a place that coworkers can get to know each other and take some time to relax in the middle of a shift. Here are X ways to improve the break room for a better, more satisfying work culture. 

Get a Coffee Maker

One of the first things that every break room should have is a coffee maker. If employees get tired or do not get a chance to stop for coffee on the way to work, knowing there is a quality coffee maker in the break room is a comfort. Single-serve machines work best if everyone in the office has a different coffee preference. Be sure to keep the break room stocked with different coffee options so that employees can count on a reliable coffee supply at work. 

Get a Vending Machine

Snacks are another great way to keep employees happy. However, snacks can get expensive to regularly stock. Special occasions like “Bagel Tuesdays” or other traditions can be a great way to regularly treat employees to a snack, but vending machines can maintain a reliable snack source in the office while the employees help pay for it. Look for table top vending machines for sale and maintain a good selection of snacks. With snacks in the break room, breaks can be more fulfilling. 

Get a Puzzle or Board Game

Another way to make the break room more fun is to add puzzles or board games. A puzzle could be a fun, relaxing way for employees to take their break. Games could be a fun way for employees to get to know each other while taking their break. Overall, a little bit of fun could help boost morale.