What to Do if a Loved One is Arrested

Police officers can arrest people for a wide range of offenses, which also vary in severity. If someone you love is taken to jail, you are probably emotionally devastated. While it can be hard to think about what to do next, there are some steps you need to take to ensure the safety and justice of the situation.

Current Location

Find out where the person is now. You might have received a call directly from him or her, or you might have found out through a family member who probably knows the location. You can call the facility to find out visiting hours and regulations, as well as if you are allowed to bring anything with you for the person.

Applicable Rights

If you are not sure that your loved one was arrested justly, you should speak to a lawyer. Many have offices near correctional facilities, or you can pay to speak to one over the phone or online. People who are arrested do have many rights, including that they cannot be arrested without a charge. If the person feels that he or she has been treated unjustly, help them find legal aid.

Next Steps

Depending on the severity of the alleged offense, the person may be held on bail. This means that if you pay a certain amount of money, as determined by the correctional facility or police station, your loved one can leave. Certain terms might accompany the payment of bail. A bail bond company Allentown PA can help you and the person complete the process.

Don’t panic if a friend or family member is taken to jail. Do your best to speak to him or her, and then find out what you can do to help with the situation, with the aid of a lawyer if need be.