What is the TABC and What Does it Do?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, or TABC, is responsible for overseeing regulations for alcoholic beverages that are produced or sold within the state of Texas. It was established in 1935 and its headquarters are currently in Austin, Texas.

Permitting Responsibilities

The commission has a great deal of responsibilities which include overseeing inspections, taxes, licensing and permitting of all alcohol in the state. It is up to this organization to decide whether or not someone can obtain a tabc permit or not. They can also cancel and/or revoke permits at any stage in the process as they see fit.


The TABC licensing division is responsible for investigations related to the manufacturing, selling, purchasing, storing, transporting and distributing alcoholic beverages. Their investigations include making sure all permit holders comply with all of their regulatory requirements. They can also assist in prosecuting violators. TABC agents are certified police officers in Texas so they can actually arrest anyone who violates state law, this includes any violations to the Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Different Kinds of Permits

There are a multitude of permits available through the TABC. Knowing which tabc permit is needed will depend on what kind of business or event is requesting a permit. Here are some of the different kinds of permits available:                  

Retailer Permits: There are both on premise and off premise permits available, depending on the type of business or establishment that’s applying

Wholesalers, Distributors or Manufacturers: These types of businesses have separate an unique permitting requirements.

Temporary License or Permit: Temporary licenses or permits are usually obtained for special events, festivals, concerts or other performances. Most states see an influx of art and wine festivals in the summer, those would need to obtain temporary licenses in order to offer any alcoholic beverages to attendees. Please note that there is a separate permit for winery festivals.

Catering Certificates: Catering businesses are unique from other businesses because their location is always changing.