What Does Workers Compensation Include?

Workers compensation is an important aspect of any job. Oftentimes, it is a benefit that employees can rely on if they are ever injured during work. However, many employees don’t even know what their workers compensation benefits cover. Knowing how your state handles workers compensation and what your employer offers is critical in the case of an emergency. You want to know you are covered and in good hands if you get injured. Here’s a general breakdown of what most policies include and when they apply.

Medical Expenses

The biggest concern you probably have if you are injured is medical costs. Bills from exams, procedures and surgeries can be hefty, and you want to know your injury won’t put you in debt. Fortunately, workers compensation Portland covers any medical expenses associated with your injury. You only need to prove that your injury happened at work and that each medical expense is related to it.

Lost Wages

You might not consider missing work while recovering from an injury, but this is a very real possibility that can impact your livelihood. While coverage for medical costs is great, it won’t help much if you can’t afford groceries. Workers compensation covers this as well by providing a certain amount of any wages you would have been making had the injury not occurred.

Funeral Costs

Finally, workers compensation covers funeral costs in the event that a loved one is killed on the job. While this is a terrible situation to think about, it is possible, and it is good to know that funeral expenses won’t become a burden on your family.

Workers compensation laws vary in every state. Some states legally require all businesses to have insurance, while others don’t mandate it at all. Ask your company directly about their insurance and what it includes so that you know exactly what to expect in the case of an injury.