Unique Marketing Ideas For Your Company

Getting new clients to notice your business can be a challenge. Having promotional gifts that set your business apart from your competitors can be a constant reminder to your customer of who you are and what you have to offer. Here are some options of unique marketing gifts that would make a wise investment. 


Handing out fill in the blank t-shirts at your promotional event sends a potential customer home with a fun souvenir. This will also be free advertising at any time of the day when they wear it as they run errands or meet with friends. Sunglasses can give you a creative medium to display your logo. The person who receives them can keep them in his or her car or purse to use on a sunny day. There are also accessories like umbrellas that clients enjoy getting because of their practical use. 

Electronic Devices

Computers, cell phones, and tablets are a daily necessity, so giving away products that benefit these electronic devices can be beneficial. Imprint your logo on flash drives to give your possible customers a handy item to carry information back and forth from one system to another. A portable battery will keep their phone or tablet charged at all times and can be helpful during long periods where a power source is scarce. If your client is a music lover, a BlueTooth speaker lets him or her listen to the playlists they have on a device anywhere at any time. 

Household Items

Embossing your logo on cups is a reminder to your future customer of the services that your company can provide. You can also provide a bottle opener with your business information on it at your next event. Items like these are portable so that they can be taken on a picnic or used in the home when guests come to visit.