Top Safety Concerns to Keep in Mind When Designing Your New Office

When you’re preparing to construct your company’s first building, you want to make sure that it looks perfect. Your new office’s aesthetic should match your mission and purpose, and you want it to catch people’s eyes without looking out of place. While you focus on your building’s appearance, don’t forget to pay attention to these safety concerns.

Building Materials

Some building materials look attractive but pose safety hazards, so doublecheck your architect’s plans before agreeing to them. While asbestos is not banned in the United States, it is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Keep an eye out for lead and other heavy metals, which are more prevalent in old buildings but may find their way into your new one. Other materials, such as wood, create fire hazards if they are not treated properly. Steel buildings Lewiston ID have the advantage of being fire-resistant, so look into using this attractive metal in your new office.

Security Systems

Keeping your employees safe from external threats is one of your top priorities as a business owner. As you work with your architect, avoid designs that put your employees at risk, especially if you store valuable items on the premises. For example, glass windows need to have wire or alarms installed inside them, and all entrances must be brightly lit. Install security cameras throughout your entire building before you begin working there. Contact your local police department to learn more about security issues that frequently occur in your area and how you can combat them. 

Designing your new office is an exciting step towards opening your business. As you and your architect meet to discuss your ideas, emphasize your commitment to safety and health. Your architect knows how to keep you and your employees safe while also creating a beautiful building for you.