Top 2 Reasons To Keep Your IP Private

Most internet service providers in New York promise that they won’t divulge your IP address to anyone except law enforcement. That said, many of them have a bad track record of following through on this promise. Many providers monitor and sell their customers’ private data. Even when you have used a trusted provider for years, there are still reasons to protect your IP NYC NY. Here are the top reasons to do so. 

1. Browse Privately

Your IP can reveal serious information about your online activity. Whenever you visit a website, it reads your IP address and tracks your history, so they know your preferences. Additionally, whenever you post on social media, these all contain your IP address. If you log in to your email or shopping account, these sites know exactly what IP address you are using. As you can see, your browsing information is all controlled by your IP address, meaning you don’t want that information being sold. 

2. Stop Advertisers

Ads are designed to both sell you something and track your internet activity. Even regularly clearing cookies from your computer will not stop the most intrusive websites from tracking you by following your internet activity on a site that hosts their ad. Social media apps do the same. Most people are okay with this because it allows them to see ads that are relevant to them. However, not everyone enjoys being tracked online, which is another reason to keep your IP private. 

There are lots of reasons to keep your IP private. However, many internet service providers make this difficult by tracking and selling their customers’ data. That said, there are steps you can take to protect your information. But, you have to be motivated to do so. These are some of the biggest reasons you should keep your IP private.