Tips for Developing a Leadership Development Plan

Leadership is not something you are born with, but it is something you develop through experience and education. Therefore, business leadership development is an important factor in creating and maintaining a successful business. However, effective leadership development programs require detailed plans. Consider these tips for developing your company’s leadership development plan.

Develop Your Plan Goals

Your first step should be assessing your company’s goals and using them to develop your leadership training goals. For example, what types of leaders thrive in your corporate culture? Also, identify the skills and competencies that you desire in your leaders. Should they be knowledgeable about change management? What role will innovation play in their positions and development? State whether your plan will prepare your leaders for future promotions or if your program will focus on helping them succeed in their current positions.

Assess Your Leaders

Your organization probably has several leaders. Even those who are not in management roles but whose peers look up to them for answers and direction should be considered leaders. What are their specific talents? Identify what sets each leader apart from his or her peers. What are their performance levels? Do they make decisions quickly and decisively, or do they waiver, and do they ask for outside help when making critical decisions? Assessing your company’s leaders will help you determine what type of program each employee needs because each is different and excels in unique ways.

Ask Your Stakeholders

Ask your stakeholders, such as your employees, senior leadership and supervisors, especially those interested in pursuing leadership development coursework, what they think should be covered in your leadership development plan. Because any employee development program involves investments into the program participants, make sure the program will meet your company’s needs and that your employees get the knowledge and skills they need without boring them with information and skills they already have.

If you see the value of investing in your employees through providing leadership development training opportunities, consider studying great leaders and working with a leadership training company to develop a great plan.