Signs That Tell You It Is Time for a Change in Your Life

It doesn’t take custom neon signs Vancouver WA to tell you when something isn’t working in your life. However, it is human nature to ignore all the indications that it is time to rethink our actions. What may have started out great may not be working anymore, and that can require a difficult decision. If you are wondering if it is time to make some life changes, watch for these signs.

You Dread ___ (fill in the blank)

Work, lunch with your friends, a date: all of these are examples that you are not in the right place in your life. Maybe you’ve outgrown your job and need a new challenge to advance professionally. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your high school or college peers and want to expand your group of friends to include people with other interests or experiences. If you don’t feel passion, kinship or connection with the other person in a relationship, it may be time to let it go and move on.

You Have Persistent Headaches or Sleep Too Much

Headaches, lethargy, loss of joy or feelings of hopelessness could all be signs of depression. When you refuse to face something in your life that may require difficult conversations or life-changing decisions, our bodies start to take over to try and get our attention. If ignored too long, depression could result. Talking to a therapist could help you uncover the reasons for your feelings and make some changes to improve your life. 

You Overuse Food, Drugs or Alcohol

If you are using anything as a distraction or crutch, you need to seek help. Avoidance never yields positive results and, in the case of food or substance abuse, could have life-altering negative impacts. If your weight is going up, you are drinking too much frequently or you are using drugs to feel better, you absolutely need to seek help and make changes in your life. If you just listen to your body and your instincts, they will tell you the truth every time.