Should “Notary” Be Your Next Career?

Nobody grows up with dreams of being a notary. In practical terms, however, the notary profession is a solid choice for those interested in a fast new career or side hustle. A notary public’s certificate opens up opportunities to make good money, especially in view of the minimal training involved.

What Is a Notary?

Basically, a notary is a witness to the civil paperwork outlining many of our major life events. This includes wills, marriage contracts, property deeds and mortgages. Notaries prevent fraud, coercion, and similar unethical behavior by and between signatories. Notaries check signers’ identities, confirm they know what they’re signing, and sometimes have them swear before the law to the validity of their statements.

Why Be a Notary?

If this seems mundane, know that being a notary comes with a bunch of built-in benefits. For starters, the job has existed for untold centuries and is unlikely to disappear any time soon. In our bureaucratic modern society, since documents are a notary’s business, notaries have a high degree of work flexibility. While often operating as independent contractors, notaries craving a stable income have large companies with lots of paperwork willing to hire them as salaried employees. Most importantly, by protecting against written deception, notaries fulfill a noble, vital function for the public good.

How Does One Become a Notary?

If you’re now convinced a notary is something you want to be, you can begin the process of getting your commission. In America, licenses are issued separately by each state under unique conditions.

For instance, consider the specifics of how to become a notary in illinois. On the downside, Illinois is one of a very few states where applicants must complete forms through designated vendors. Another special requirement is the purchase of a $5,000 surety bond which compensates customers for a notary’s mistakes. On the upside, Illinois demands no special education or exams, and notaries aren’t always compelled to keep a journal.

With such rewarding prospects for so little effort, you should ask yourself: Why not become a notary?