Setting Up a LAN in Your Nashville Office

Nashville is a vibrant city with plenty of businesses. If you have an office with multiple computers, a local area network (LAN) will allow all of them to share data, the internet connection, printers and other devices. Setting one up is not difficult. The most common type of LAN is Ethernet. Here is how to go about adding a LAN to your office.


You will first need to determine how many computers and devices such as printers will be a part of the network. A switch or cable router is necessary. You will also need network cabling Nashville. Make sure to get enough cable to connect all computers and devices to the router. A wired LAN is faster than an unwired network. Each computer and device must have an Ethernet interface. Most new computers come with these preinstalled. 


LAN equipment comes with detailed instructions to help with configuration. You must first configure the WAN port on the router, then each of the LAN ports you will be using. Your internet service provider can give you the details you will need for this step. Once everything is configured, you are ready to start connecting cables. 


If you are using a switch, it will have to be connected to the router by cable. Connect each computer and device to the router using the network cables. The length of any cable should not exceed 300 feet. Cables should not be run through air ducts or near heaters unless they are fire-rated. You should check the building codes in your area. All that’s left now is to test the LAN. Make sure each computer can access the internet and any devices that are part of the network.

For an office with multiple computer workstations, a LAN is a useful tool. Setting one up is fairly easy and now you know how.