Questions to Ask Before Reopening Your Business

If your business was shut down during the first phase of the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably just beginning to reopen. As you draft your plan for keeping your employees and customers safe at your workplace, don’t forget about these questions.

How Will You Promote Social Distancing?

Some of your customers automatically stay six feet apart from others because they care about staying healthy. However, many people do not think that COVID-19 is real or they believe they cannot catch it. To avoid confusion over whether social distancing is required, put up large signs explaining the regulations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Use tape to create spots for customers to stand six feet apart when waiting in line. Place traffic cones Fort Collins CO around your parking lot to block off parking spaces to ensure that people stay distant whenever they are on your property.

How Will You Handle People Who Don’t Comply?

No matter how much you explain that the new regulations keep your employees safe, you will have some customers complain about wearing masks and staying six feet apart from other people. Some people will come to the door without masks, and others will refuse to wear them properly. Part of your reopening plan should focus on how you will deescalate these situations. Consider offering free masks to people who do not have them, or reminding them that they can use your online shop. Try to stay calm but do not relax any of your rules just because someone is angry. After all, your health is at stake. 

As you work on reopening your business, you need to stock up on cleaning supplies, figure out your employees’ schedules, and assess your inventory. However, you also need to figure out how to enforce social distancing protocols with your customers.