Internal Business Communication

The credit crunch has really put a downer across the nation. People have less money to spend on the things they need, and so consequently businesses are struggling to make ends meet. If you own a company you have probably already jumped on the ‘online’ bandwagon, and you’d be right to do so. In these desperate times you need to secure every sale you can, and with your consumers spending a lot of their time on their computers it makes sense to adapt to this change. But going online isn’t as easy as 123. To take your brand to the web successfully there are a variety of things you need to get right. If your brand new website hasn’t managed to turn your sales around then you’re really not getting the best out of it.

No matter how professional your website is, the potential of your online presence won’t be realised unless you have two things sorted out. These two features are often overlooked by web owners yet they can prove vital to the success of your company’s online journey. They are domain name registration, and email hosting.

“But I’ve already got an awesome domain name.”

Have you? Or did you just choose that name that you thought sounded the best. It is vital that you register a domain name that is perfectly suited to the essence of your business. It should be relevant to your service, and it should be familiar to your consumers. Domain name registration has a very competitive market, with many people buying and selling names as they come in demand. If you find that your ideal name has already been taken, do not make the school boy mistake of registering it but with a .me.uksuffix. It will be the first thing your consumer will see as they find your site, and it will connote everything but professionalism. Register an appropriate name, with a professional suffix, and make sure your customers stick around.

Email Hosting is another feature that your company should not go without. It enables you to have a nice number of email accounts with your domain name as their suffix. Communicating to your customers via a hotmail will tell them your business works on a casual style. You’re not casual, you’re professional! You will also be able to communicate with your staff across an advanced mail server, meaning you can rely on your messages reaching each other.

There are many companies who can offer you email-hosting and domain name registration so you need to make a decision. Here are some factors that you should consider before making up your mind:

Flexible: The company you opt for should be flexible with its packages. If you already have web hosting you don’t want to be forced to buy it again when you purchase Email Hosting. Find a company that will treat you as an individual case, and who can cater to your own specific needs.

Cost-effective: Don’t instantly go for the cheapest company you can find. A company with cutting edge technology will prove to be a better investment for you in the long run. Judge the companies quality against price and make a reasoned decision. With Email-Hosting you need a company that can offer you a lot of memory, and a suitable number of accounts for the right price.