Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

Bringing on new personnel is a major initiative in a small business. Here are some key things that small business owners should do when they’re making new hires.

Perform a Thorough Background Check

It is important to confirm information that an applicant presents about his or her qualifications. Verify employment and check references. Do a pre-employment driving record check if people must drive in the scope of their duties. Conduct a criminal history search to learn if they have any open criminal charges. Lastly, consider running a credit check if a job role will involve financial activities or access to company assets.

Understand Your Legal Obligations

There are a myriad of federal and state laws governing employment. Even what you ask at an interview is subject to federal law. Be aware of the most important things that you need to do to comply with applicable law.

Be Wary About Hiring Another Employee’s Friend or Family Member

Many small business owners build their core team with people with whom they already have a close personal relationship. Hiring someone close to a colleague or employee with whom you have a tight-knit relationship can be problematic. While it may spare you from the recruitment and screening process, they may simply not be the best available candidate. Also, issues with their employment could become contentious.

Whether you’re filling a vacancy or expanding your team, you have to be extremely strategic in how you go about making your decision. The time that goes into screening and onboarding somebody is always substantial in a small business. Moreover, making the wrong choice could be a setback that costs you far more than you lost time and resources. Give your approach to hiring adequate time and attention so that you can select a candidate who will meet or exceed your expectations.v