Help For New York State Taxpayers

Tax time can be a real challenge for residents of New York State. In fact, it is even more so if you live in the Big Apple itself. You may want to seek out professional tax help to sort everything out properly.

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The Dilemma of New York Tax Payers

New Yorkers face a real problem at tax time. Not only do they live in one of the highest tax states in the United States, but they also have to pay taxes to at least two entities: the IRS and New York State. Additionally, if the taxpayer lives in New York City or Yonkers, taxes are owed to it as well. The average state and federal income tax rate in New your is 8.52% according to Kiplinger.

Tips For Tax Filing

When preparing your taxes it makes sense to keep a few recommendations in mind. Why is that? The reason is that you do not want to undergo a tax audit after you file your taxes. That can be a real headache!

Here are a few tried and true tax tips:

  • Keep good records all year long
  • Make sure that you use the proper forms and file on time
  • Double and triple check for math errors
  • Be honest and do not hide income from the authorities
  • Check for all the legal deductions and credits that you may qualify for

Those are but a few of the top tips. There is so much involved that you may wish to work with a professional agency to prepare and file your taxes. Not only are they likely to find tax savings that you may miss, but they will also support you in the case you are audited.