FAQs About a Career in Bail Bonding

A career the bail bonds industry is an excellent choice for a person who is interested in providing financial and public safety services for the community. Bail bonding company Yadkin NC work to secure funding for defendants to allow them to secure their freedom while awaiting trial. 

What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

A bail bondsman, also called a bail agent, is a licensed professional who provides bail bonding services. Cash bails for release from jail while awaiting trial are so prohibitively high to make it difficult for most defendants to secure the entire amount. A bail agent enters into a legal agreement to provide a bond guaranteeing the entire amount to the court. In return, he or she earns a percentage (usually around 10%) of the total for services rendered. Some bail agents also provide fugitive location or recovery services secondary to bail bonding. This is not an official job requirement for bondsmen, as most leave this to fugitive recovery experts or bounty hunters.

What are the Training and Licensing Requirements?

Training for bail agents is regulated by individual states. While these laws are not uniform, there are some general requirements. First of all, an agent must be old enough to enter into a legal agreement. Agents must have a GED or high school diploma. While college degrees are optional in most states, many aspiring bail agents choose to complete relevant coursework in areas such as business, finance, criminal justice and administration. 

All states require agents to take a training course, and to sit for a comprehensive examination, in order to receive a license. 

What Types of Skills Does a Bail Bondsman Need?

Bail bondsmen must be able to work under pressure and to handle both business and financial affairs. There is no typical day for a bail agent and he can expect to work odd or long hours. A successful agent will also enjoy working with a variety of different people.