3 Ways To Reduce Distractions in Your Office

One of the best things about employees working in the same office space is the sense of teamwork that comes from socializing. This improves collaboration and is a major factor in job satisfaction for many people. However, offices also need to allow for focused work. Here are three ways you can reduce distractions in your office so your employees are set up for success. 

1. Separate Working Spaces 

Open floor plans have become popular, particularly with startups. As trendy and minimalist as they may be, open offices are pits of distraction. Make sure you have office dividers Toronto in at least some parts of your office so people can have a place to focus when needed. Having a personal separate space can also provide a sense of ownership and individuality for employees.

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

Whether they’re buds or over-ear headphones, your employees will appreciate the company providing them with noise-canceling headphones. Regardless of your office setup, these headphones will provide some privacy for your employees, and they will be well worth the expense. 

3. Promote Disconnecting

Regardless of your industry, just about every employee needs time set aside where they can respond to emails and handle administrative tasks. If your employees are fielding phone calls or instant messages all day, they won’t have time to get quality work done. Encourage your team to set time aside where they turn off incoming messages so they can focus on important work instead of seemingly urgent distractions. 

You never want your employees saying they are going to work from home so they can focus — if they are unable to focus at work, something is wrong. By following these steps, you can provide a great office environment where people can socialize when appropriate, but also have the resources to get quality work done.