3 Ways To Improve Employee’s Customer Service Skills

No matter how wonderful a company’s product or service is, if clients have a bad experience dealing with customer service representatives, they will take their business elsewhere. Bolstering the skills and confidence of employees can be a great way to improve service.

1. Give Feedback

Some employees may not get direct feedback from their managers frequently, and so they may not be sure if they are performing well. It is not enough to tell an employee that they are doing a good job once a year. Staff members should be monitored, using systems like inbound call recording MI or by the use of customer surveys. That way they can get personalized feedback on their performance with a clear plan for improvement.

2. Evaluate Training Programs

Many customer service jobs are entry-level positions and can be done by people who have little or no prior experience. Evaluate the current training programs to ensure they meet the current needs of the company. Every time there is a change in the product line or a policy that affects clients, the customer service workers should be informed. Coach them on how to handle tense situations so they know what is expected of them. Knowledgeable employees can give more efficient service, reducing call times and increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Reward Good Performance

Over time, employees who perform well may find themselves become demoralized because they feel as though they are not being recognized. Praise employees when they do well and be open to listening to their ideas. If an employee comes up with an idea that can be useful to others, give them full credit to make them look good in front of others.

Customer service workers often have to figure out how to solve issues while dealing with clients who may be irate. Making sure employees have the skills to defuse situations and ensure repeat business is vital for a business that wants to thrive.