3 Ways to Boost Your Business’s Presence While on the Road

If you’re a business owner and often out on the road, there are some great ways to boost your presence and get more out of your hard-earned miles. Here are three ways to turn things up a notch!

1. Make Over Your Tradeshow Booth

A shabby or unkempt booth can create a negative impression on current and prospective clients or customers. Consider upping your game with new tables and chairs or stain-resistant carpet tiles Nashville TN. Durable, comfortable professional-looking flooring is key to the experience of those who visit your booth. Whether they stop by for minutes or an hour, they leave with a great impression of not only your booth but also your business.

2. Turn Your Vehicle Into a Billboard

The highways and byways of the United States are smart places to advertise your business – on the side of your vehicle! Magnets, decals and window treatments all offer you a head-turning way to share your business’s name, slogan, phone number, and email and website addresses. Some business owners even go so far as to custom paint their vehicles in their business’ signature colors!

3. Give Away Freebies

Nothing creates goodwill and generates leads more than a free, functional, value-added token of your business’s gratitude to the public. From fridge magnets and bottle openers to pens and chip clips printed with your name and website, a world of possibilities awaits you. Tie the gift to your business. For example, if you own a flower shop, how about a seed packet or a potted seedling? No matter the industry, gifts that keep on giving are particularly popular with clients and customers.

If these three ideas have piqued your curiosity, head out to the internet for more business-boosting ideas. Many promotional companies feature great gift ideas at prices that won’t blow your budget!