3 Trade Show Tips for Beginners

Trade shows and conventions are excellent places to expand your audience and promote your brand. However, these venues can be intimidating for beginners, with most companies and individuals falling into marketing traps that fail to set them apart from other booths. To avoid these common pitfalls, set clear goals and budgets, map out your stall and remember your branding.

Set Clear Goals for Your Experience

Knowing what kind of return you want on this investment can help you research which shows will be the best for your brand, what your audience will be looking for and how to set up your budget and booth for the best impact. If your goal is to sell products, you will need to plan which items to stock your booth with, have a way to process payments, and choose a stall that accommodates the inventory. The signage you use should reflect these goals, and banner stand Boston MA companies can help you find a good fit.

Budget and Map Your Booth

Once you have determined your goals, it is time to set a budget for your stall, exhibits, and swag. Find out as much about your booth space as possible, such as the location, the neighbors, and the lighting. You can then mark your reserved space out with paper or masking tape on the floor to plan where to put tables, signs and other items.

Remember Your Branding

Remembering your branding while designing your exhibit seems obvious; however, it can be easy to get caught up in what shows look like in general and forget critical brand components. For instance, if your company is about minimalism, you want a minimalist presentation; and if your advertising features eco-friendly initiatives, you want your swag to be sustainable.

Taking your company to a convention or tradeshows can be an excellent way to expand your customer base and check out the competition. To get the best bang for your buck, you will want to set clear goals and budgets for your stall. You will also want to map out your reserved space and remember your unique branding.