3 Things You Should Know if You Are Facing Deportation

If you are an undocumented immigrant or your immigration status is in dispute, the prospect of facing deportation can be extremely stressful. These are three of the things you should know if you are facing potential deportation.

1. You Have the Right to an Attorney

If you are facing deportation proceedings, you have the right to an immigration attorney central Florida; however, the government is usually not required to provide you with a court-appointed attorney. If you can not afford to hire your own attorney, there may be a nonprofit organization in your area that can provide legal assistance. The court should also have information on free legal service providers in your area. Due to high demand, it is possible you could be put on a waiting list, so it is a good idea to begin looking for an attorney as soon as you know you are going to need one. 

2. The Court Must Provide an Interpreter 

If you do not speak or understand English, you are entitled to have a court provided interpreter assist you at the deportation hearing. You should inform the court immediately if you need an interpreter or have difficulty understanding the interpreter provided. 

3. You Have the Right To Present and Review Evidence

The court must allow you to testify in your own defense and present evidence, such as witnesses and documents, that prove your case. The Department of Homeland Security must also provide you with a copy of all of their evidence and allow you to question any of their witnesses. 

Deportation proceedings can be confusing and frightening; however, educating yourself about what to expect can take some of the stress out of the proceedings and improve your chances of winning your case. An immigration attorney can help explain and guide you through the process.