3 Things You Don’t Want To Experience On a Fun Night Out

Nearly everyone looks forward to the weekend because it is human nature to want some free time that allows you to enjoy doing what you love in the freedom of your home or with friends. Shedding the stress of the week, shaking off the troubles at work, and erasing the numerous problems you left for Monday, the weekend is all about allowing your mind and body to relax. To that end, here are three things you don’t want to experience on a fun night out with friends.

Lose Your Phone

If you are like most people, your phone contains your life’s schedule, your photos, and all your social media contacts. In other words, most of your world is on your phone. That is why when you are out and about, one of the worst things that can happen on a fun night out is to lose your phone. Besides which, replacing your phone can be expensive!

Get Arrested

When you are out with friends having a great time, one way to destroy the evening is by having police officers crash a party or bar you are at – and arrest you. Not only can you end up in jail, but you also have to phone a bail bonds Harrisburg PA representative, your family, and an attorney. What a way to end what began as a great night!

Pass Out Drunk

Waking up in a strange place with no memory of how you got there or who you are with is one of the worst possible endings to a fun night out. If you still have your clothing on, your phone is still in your pocket, and your wallet still has cash, make an exit for the door and find a way home before you get into more trouble!

Yes, these are three of the many things you don’t want to experience on a fun night out. Perhaps spending time at home with friends, and ordering food in, isn’t such a bad idea after all.