3 Great Ways to Add Curb Appeal to a Commercial Space

Looking for a quick way to generate some fresh interest in your business? Consider taking on a curb appeal update to give existing and potential customers alike an upgraded shopping experience. Here are three great ways to give your commercial space an aesthetic update.

1. Add Interest With Landscaping

Commercial spaces often have an unappealing look, but you can instantly make any business look more charming through the use of strategic landscaping. Contact the experts in commercial landscaping Saint Augustine FL to develop a landscaping plan that’s unique to your individual needs. The trick is to make the best use of the exterior space you have available – consider adding a pond or other water feature if you have a very large landscaping area or a rock garden or some charming planter boxes for smaller spaces.

2. Clean Parking Areas and Walkways

Don’t forget that the parking areas around your business can detract from your overall curb appeal if they’re in poor condition. Make minor patches and repairs where necessary and perform weekly clean-up to remove any dirt and debris from your parking lot and the walkways around your business – these are often a customer’s first point of contact with your business so cleanliness is a must.

3. Install a New Sign

New signage grabs the attention of customers new and old. If you’re looking to maximize the visibility of your sign, choose a digital sign lit by LED bulbs – not only are these signs brighter, but they also conserve energy and reduce your monthly electric bills. If your commercial property has a large area of landscaping, consider installing a monument sign. These freestanding signs are more like sculptural elements, instantly improving the curb appeal of your business.

Customers have a choice when it comes to where they spend money. Follow these tips and you’ll improve the curb appeal of your business and make a positive impression on new and existing customers.