Creating a positive and vibrant work culture is one of the best ways to keep employees happy. Work should not just be about work all of the time. The break room at an office or place of business is a place that coworkers can get to know each other andContinue Reading

Business operations range from small firms with fewer than 10 employees to giant corporate multi-national enterprises with thousands of workers. Whatever sector or industry a company belongs to, productivity is a key element of profitability. The efficiency with which an organization conducts its operations is influenced by many factors. SharpContinue Reading

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in America. Dreamers from all walks of life set out with hopes of making it big. It’s a common pursuit, as each year around 627,000 new businesses are launched in the U.S. by would-be tycoons looking to capitalize on his or her exciting idea or sound strategy.Continue Reading